How to Choose the Best Orthodontist

The time has come for orthodontic care. The next big question is: how do I choose the best orthodontist? We have come up with a quick list of things to consider when selecting the orthodontist that is best for you:


  1. References/Reviews: It is always great to start with a few references. Your dentist may have a recommendation for you, but also ask trusted friends and family members. Ask about their experiences and what they do and don’t like. Also, get online to look at some of the reviews. There are lots of business listing reviews (Google, Yelp) but also many local social media groups/forums that offer insight into people’s experiences.
  2. Specialist/Private Practice Because orthodontic care can mean several years of treatment, it is best to find a specialist who is in for the long haul. Dentists may have an orthodontist on staff, but going to a private practice often ensures you are with a qualified doctor or team who will guide your treatment plan the entire time.
  3. Costs/Financing: Be sure to compare notes about the cost of the treatment from various orthodontists. Many orthodontists offer a complimentary consultation to outline your specific plan and costs, so ask questions about any variances in pricing. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better, but either is the most expensive plan! You should also ask about any financing/payment options the practice offers.
  4. Modern Technology: There have been so many advancements through the years that make the entire course of treatment more comfortable. Make sure your orthodontist is up-to-speed with digital x-rays, temporary anchorage devices (TADs) and nickel titanium wires. 
  5. Treatment Options: Braces aren’t the only option these days! Invisalign and ceramics may be the better solution for you, so make sure your orthodontist offers these newer treatment alternatives.
  6. Atmosphere: How do you feel stepping into the orthodontist office? Is the staff friendly? Office clean and modern? Do you meet with the doctor regularly or will you mainly see staff? What is their web presence like–new and up-to-date? Are they active on social media–how do they engage with current patients? They may not get a perfect score on all of these, but overall, you want to feel comfortable, safe, and in the hands of a knowledgeable practice.
  7. Location/Appointment Hours: Something that many may not think about: location and hours of service. You will have a lot of appointments throughout your treatment plan, so it is nice if the office is somewhere convenient. Maybe it is close to home, close to work, or close to the kids’ schools. Do they offer flexible appointment hours that would work for your schedule?
Choosing the best orthodontist doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with a list of quality references and reviews and begin to work through some of the above questions. With those questions answered, your gut will probably tell you which orthodontist is the best for you!


Have more specific questions how to choose the best orthodontist for you? Let us know at We are always happy to help! 
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