oral health

Oral Health: More than just a pretty smile!

We often think of oral health as brushing and flossing for a pretty smile, but did you know that your mouth is also a sneak peek into your overall well-being? It is amazing how much your mouth reflects the health of other systems in your body.…
Care for a Mouth Injury
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How to Care for a Mouth Injury

As we discussed in our previous post, Why Mouthguards Make (Financial) Sense,  April is National Facial Protection Month. Despite our best efforts to protect our teeth, accidents will happen. When they do, try to remain calm and remember some…
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Why Mouthguards Make (Financial) Sense

Did you know that April is National Facial Protection Month? As more people get outside in the beautiful spring weather, more patients walk in with a head, mouth or facial injury from a sports-related accident. If you or your child are actively…
Ortho Tips While traveling
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Ortho Tips While Traveling

Spring is in the air! Are you heading out for a spring break vacation!? If so, and you have braces or Invisalign, we put together a quick checklist with some ortho tips while traveling to help ward off any potential issues! Schedule a Check-Up Before…
Brushing with Braces

4 Easy Tips for Brushing with Braces

Having braces means taking a little extra care when you brush those teeth. The permanent placement of braces on the teeth means you are more prone to discolored teeth, cavities, or swollen and infected gum tissue. However, by keeping four basic…
Eat with Braces
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What Can I Eat with Braces, and What Should I Avoid?

Don't worry! Having braces doesn't mean your lifestyle has to change too drastically. You simply have to be more careful about what you eat with braces and maybe slightly more creative in how you are eating it.   Foods You Should Avoid It…

Orthodontist vs Dentist: What is the Difference?

  Orthodontist vs Dentist. Aren't they one in the same?  Although both are doctors focused on oral health and equally important in one's dental health regime, they are more different that you might think!   After four years of…